Act! in the Cloud

Get on-demand access to your Act! data anywhere, anytime.

Cloud computing is the hot buzzword in the tech world at the moment. Basically it means that your software and data are accessed through the Internet, as opposed to being installed on your own computer or network.

There are several reasons why cloud computing is so popular especially with small to medium businesses. You reap the benefits of big business infrastructure without the need for your own in-house IT implementation and maintenance.

Benefits of using Act! in the ‘cloud’
  • Flexibility Scale up and down to meet your business requirements. Increase or decrease the number of users and/or data space required as you need.
  • Security Your data is stored on highly secure servers, maintained and backed up. This is more secure than a computer under your desk or unsecured server room. Additionally, if you lose your laptop, all your business information remain secure.
  • Cost There are no upfront hardware costs such as servers. No in house IT maintenance/administration. Easy to budget for ongoing IT expenditure.
  • Productivity All employees can easily access their contact information while they are away from the office using the same functionality as they are used to with Act!.
We have 2 options available to meet your business needs:

Compare Act! Solutions Cloud vs On-Premises Cloud Limitations

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